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5 Ways To Use The Old Reclaimed Indian Doors

5 Ways To Use The Old Reclaimed Indian Doors

Chisel and Log bring in unique antique doors that are the perfect choice for a vintage look to your home decor. All our ways to use the old reclaimed Indian doors have been salvaged from India. The majority of these distressed teak doors are old and will last a lifetime in your home, and they are uniquely designed to add an element that you desire for your frame with vintage furniture in Singapore.

Here are ways to use the old reclaimed Indian doors :

There are some unexpected ideas to reuse the old doors. With proper craft and care, they can be an exciting home piece that will spark up your atmosphere.

Classic main door

It is essential to have a whole new look for your home, and this must start the main door of your house. You can repurpose your old front door to create a simple yet attention-grabbing vintage Indian door; it will absolutely make it the centre of attention. By adding this furniture by Chisel and Log, you will witness a beautiful change in your home decor.

classic main door

Dressing table

This one is useful if you have a blank, boring wall, all you have to do here is to secure the door directly to a wall, and you can add a display shelf and a mirror to it to reflect more light; otherwise, you can decorate the shelf according to your preference the idea is to suit the style of the area or of the entire property. By just placing an antique door from our collection on your plain wall can enhance the space.


Create a ladder bookshelf using shelves where glasses were once installed. This should make the vintage door an even more beautiful piece of work since it turns into an eye-catching corner bookshelf, and you can also try to add your own style to the project. Vintage Indian furniture in Singapore look gives this wooden door-bookshelf an ideal search for showing off books and plants.

Ways To Use The Old Reclaimed Indian Doors  - bookshelf

Full-size mirror

Think about having a full-size mirror in the corner of your home placed on an Indian antique door which can be used in your bedroom and bathroom to have a vintage furniture look across your home. So if you are planning to replace your old home furniture to include an antique look in your space, the best option is vintage Indian doors by Chisel and Log.

full size mirror

Entrance centrepiece

If you don’t have any place to hang your coats and jackets, you can turn the door into a jacket hanger; by adding hooks, it will be able to accommodate several jackets and coats together, and it is almost guaranteed that every guest will envy for this smart but unexpected to reuse old door’s project’s result.

With little effort, you should be able to use old reclaimed Indian doors into attractive and stylish pieces to add an antique Indian look to your space.