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Antique Sculptures in Singapore

Nowadays, instead of art, large, organic mirrors there are sculptures that hold a centre of attraction in an interior, for example, we can say like a dressing room or bathroom. Sculptures from Chisel and Log represent an artistic form in which hard materials are worked into three-dimensional art objects. They are one of the functional pieces that act as both art and decor for your home. Each and every piece of sculpture is cyclical in design, and right now we are admitting the resurgence of ’80s trends, along with other masterpieces reserved.

The use of these sculptures by Chisel and Log, as well as traditional carved statues, is something people have begun requesting as furniture designs to fit in for their worship area or the room itself. Simplicity has never looked as charming as the design of the sculptures! The live-edge styling and excellent quality provided by Chisel and Log are the cherries on top of an amazing carving of each of the masterpieces displayed on the website, which portrays the whole stories of the spiritual God and Goddesses. With so much value and style built-in, it is hard to go wrong with the sculptures and the website both!

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