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Exceptional Antique Potpourri Collection in Singapore

Potpourri Collection’s literal meaning is that it is a mixture of floral based elegant things. This is where we got inspired from! Potpourri Collection is a mesmerizing medley of floral printed cushions on the base of white fabric! We at Chisel and Log are being considered as the best providers of vintage Indian furniture in Singapore and the most trending furniture sets because of the fact that we ensure the best and the most affordable service for our clients, and we are known for our specialization in our customer service.

We aim to provide quality services under the umbrella of synchronism, unity, and order and the second side of our vision to strengthen the local craftsmen of India. Floral prints never go out of trend! And with never, we really mean never ever! How much floral is too much? It cannot be judged! Floral prints are always aesthetic and bring the desired elegance to your collection.

We handpick and design each of these exquisite pieces to ensure our customers only have the highest quality products to choose from. For this reason, our antique furniture in Singapore is widely appreciated.  We directly source these pieces from artisans in the magical region of Rajasthan, India. Each of our furniture items is lovingly handcrafted by expert artisans in a detailed process that can take weeks.

Visit Chisel & Log for a wide range of antique and vintage furniture. Having these Potpourri Collection’s cushions is pure bliss. These are undoubtedly one of Chisel & Log’s best sellers with premium quality fabric and unique incarnated designs. You cannot afford to miss them for sure! Just grab your hands over these beautiful products right now at the most affordable prices being delivered to your doorstep!

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